Transforming Healthcare Coaching
Transforming Healthcare Coaching

Find your path less traveled…

And refresh your perspective on life, work, & healthcare.

At Transforming Healthcare Coaching, we are dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals to achieve excellence in their careers and personal lives. Our coaching services are rooted in real-world experience and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by those in the healthcare sector.

An Industry in Need of Healing

Healthcare, as it currently stands, is sick industry that is structured for continual problems in supply chain, retention of personnel, expensive training costs, high costs of care delivery, non-transparent value calculations, and lean margins for operational growth. The healthcare industry has suffered challenges with trust from both within the general public consumer base and within the individuals that work for the healthcare industry. Burnout is rampant in healthcare, with the average career lifetime shortened for the degree of financial and time invested.

Our Mission

We use the power of energy leadership coaching to transform healthcare, one person at a time.

Our goal is to come alongside healthcare clinicians and leaders so that they can thrive in their personal and professional lives. We believe that a sustainable and thriving healthcare industry relies on its most valuable commodity: the humans providing care and leadership on the frontlines. Together, we can transform healthcare, one person at a time.

We understand how overextended and exhausted healthcare clinicians really are, which is why we coach exclusively healthcare professionals. We care for those who care for others. We believe that energy leadership is the single core strategy for individuals, groups, teams, and ultimately organizations to lead a more empowered, thriving life.

Transforming Healthcare Coaching mission


Lillian Liang Emlet

The Path Less Traveled, MD

Refresh your perspective on life, work, & healthcare.

As a seasoned physician and coach, Lillian understands the pressure cooker that is healthcare. She’s navigated the grueling shifts, faced the burnout, and triumphed by finding balance and renewal. Now, she’s committed to helping you do the same.

With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Lillian combines her extensive knowledge with a passion for personal development. Her approach is holistic, focusing not just on career advancement but on the overall well-being of her clients.

With years of medical practice and certified coaching expertise, Lillian brings a unique blend of insight and actionable strategies to empower healthcare professionals.

As your coach, Lillian will help you find your “both/and” in your life’s works & dreams.

Our Vision

Healthcare professionals (clinicians and leaders can benefit) need sage counsel and performance coaches in order to thrive at work and life. We believe that when we care for the healthcare providers, the system benefits. When individuals begin to thrive and reshape the narrative of how healthcare workforces are structured, we all benefit. Our goal is to be a comprehensive coaching company for healthcare professionals that serves the diversity and uplifts the caring and compassionate workforce that we know it to be. We support clinicians and non-clinical healthcare professionals of all backgrounds, disciplines, and fields of study. We know that healthcare is an interprofessional team sport, and we know that coaching helps us become the best version of ourselves, in all phases of our careers.

Together, we can transform healthcare, one person at a time.

Our Values







Your Coaching Team

All of our coaches at Transforming Healthcare Coaching are current or former healthcare clinicians or served in executive leadership roles, just like you. Our coaches are all ICF-credentialed and bring a unique perspective and diverse, specialized skill set to the art of coaching. We are united by a shared commitment to your success and wellbeing.

Let's find your unique path, together.

At Transforming Healthcare Coaching, we believe in a holistic approach. Your career is more than your job—it’s a part of your life. And your life, identity, and values can be in alignment at work–you don’t need to pretend that those qualities are not important in your career. We believe that leaders have an important role in championing future change for all of healthcare.

Our coaching approach is personalized, evidence-based, and results-oriented. We believe in a partnership model where we work together to identify your goals, overcome obstacles, and celebrate your achievements.

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5 Questions To Reflect On Your Journey​​

5 Questions To Reflect On Your Journey​

A week-long journey of introspection and leadership enhancement with daily reflective prompts tailored for healthcare leaders. This guide is crafted to help you explore your leadership style, understand your impact on your team, and identify areas for growth and improvement.