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Episode 5: Navigating Conflict in Healthcare

Join host Lillian Liang Emlet and healthcare HR consultant Gillian Faith as they unravel the complexities of conflict resolution in healthcare settings. Explore practical strategies for regulating emotions, fostering trust, and promoting healthy communication within teams. Subscribe for insightful discussions

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Episode 4: Power of Group Coaching

Explore the transformative impact of group coaching in healthcare with Grizelda Anguiano and Lillian Liang Emlett. Discover how their energy leadership coaching approach supports healthcare professionals, fostering community and addressing challenges like burnout and leadership. Tune in to learn how

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Episode 3: Transforming Mental Health

Dive into the Transforming Healthcare Coaching Podcast with host Lillian Liang Emlet and guest Dr. Grizelda Anguiano. Explore how coaching techniques are reshaping mental health care and supporting families raising neurodiverse children. Whether you’re in healthcare or curious about coaching’s

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