Programs Designed for Your Transformation

At Transforming Healthcare Coaching, we offer a suite of programs tailored to meet the unique needs of healthcare professionals.

Whether you’re seeking personal growth, career advancement, or better work-life balance, our programs are designed to empower and transform.

program one

Individual Coaching Program: Unlock Your Full Potential

Our Individual Coaching Program offers one-on-one sessions tailored to your specific goals. Whether you’re navigating career transitions, looking to enhance leadership skills, or seeking personal development, our expert coaches provide personalized support and strategies for success.


Our 1:1 individual VIP coaching programs are renewable and is an easy way to try out a long-term coaching relationship. This program is fully customizable to your unique needs, overcome obstacles, and achieve a satisfying work-life balance.


Move from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to experiencing clarity, control, and fulfillment in your career and personal life.

What’s Included?

Personalized coaching sessions

Custom goal-setting and action plans

Access to our exclusive resource library

your life-changing transformation


Group Coaching Program:
Journey Together, Transform Together

Join one of our signature Group Coaching Programs to learn, grow, and connect with like-minded healthcare professionals. These programs will be focused on specific common challenges or groups within healthcare, in small, limited-number virtual group settings to provide maximum collaboration, accountability, and growth.


Our group coaching program, “Shift Out of Stuck,” offers a supportive community for healthcare professionals seeking change. Over 12 weeks, you’ll join peers in uncovering your passions, aligning your work with your values, and cultivating resilience.


Transition from feeling isolated and uncertain to being part of a supportive community with a clear sense of purpose and direction.

What’s Included?

Bi-weekly group coaching sessions

(Private) Peer Support and Accountability Community

Reflective Worksheets & Resource Library

Interactive workshops and activities

program three

Executive Coaching:
Lead with Confidence and Compassion

Are you a seasoned leader facing the isolating challenges at the helm of your organization, grappling with the fast pace of change, or balancing the delicate scales of quality care, productivity, and patient satisfaction? Perhaps you’re an emerging leader, poised at the threshold of your potential, seeking the skills and confidence to transition from clinician to clinical leader. If these scenarios resonate, it’s time for a transformative journey tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.


Executive coaching in healthcare targeting the core of organizational success—its leaders. Distinct in its approach, executive coaching is designed to propel you, your team, and your organization toward desired outcomes, all while addressing the often overlooked challenge of executive isolation. It’s a strategic investment in the potent potential of high-caliber employees, modeling the pinnacle of executive mentorship. Imagine a space that’s entirely yours, confidential and secure, where you’re free to explore professional and personal ambitions, tackle transitions, enhance emotional intelligence, and refine leadership skills from conflict resolution to strategic planning. With executive coaching, you unlock the path to profound personal growth and organizational impact.


Partner with an executive coach and pave the way to a leadership style that’s not just effective but inspired. Cultivate a high-performing culture, plan with vision, and rediscover the harmony between work and life. Unleash the leader you’re meant to be, for your team, your patients, and most importantly, yourself.

What’s Included?

Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment


Personalized Coaching & Strategy Sessions

your life-changing transformation


Growing Opportunities:
Discover other programs

Career Advancement Program

Aimed at healthcare professionals looking to advance their careers, this program offers guidance on skill development, career planning, and professional growth opportunities. Get the support you need to take your career to the next level.

Membership Community

Become part of our Membership Community to gain ongoing support, resources, and networking opportunities. This community is a hub for continuous learning, sharing experiences, and connecting with peers and mentors in the healthcare field.

Customized Workshops & Seminars

We also offer customized workshops and seminars on various topics relevant to healthcare professionals. These interactive sessions are perfect for organizations seeking to enhance their team’s skills and knowledge.

Let us help you find your unique path less traveled...together

Our coaching approach is personalized, evidence-based, and results-oriented. We believe in a partnership model where we work together to identify your goals, overcome obstacles, and celebrate your achievements.

Not sure which program is best for you? Let’s chat.