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In the journey to transform healthcare from within, it takes more than knowledge; it requires understanding, empathy, and a shared vision. Our team of coaches at Transforming Healthcare Coaching have been carefully selected for their deep experience in healthcare, their personal journeys of overcoming burnout, and their unwavering commitment to your growth and success.

Meet Our Coaches

Lillian, Physician and Energy Leadership Coach

Lillian Liang Emlet, MD MS CPC ELI-MP

Meet Lillian, Physician and Energy Leadership Coach

Founder & CEO, Transforming Healthcare Coaching | Mother | Peloton Junkie | Foodie


Lillian brings over 15 years of experience as an academic physician to her role as a catalyst for change in the healthcare profession. Her career has been marked by a steadfast commitment to teaching, mentoring, and guiding healthcare professionals, creating environments that encourage continuous learning and growth. With a genuine passion for helping others, Lillian excels at guiding individuals and teams in healthcare to thrive, learn, stretch, and grow together.

As a certified professional energy leadership coach, Lillian offers a unique coaching experience that goes beyond the clinical realm. She helps individuals, groups, and teams tap into their full potential by leveraging the principles of energy leadership. Lillian’s approach is rooted in the belief that everyone has untapped potential waiting to be discovered and energized.

Through her coaching, Lillian helps healthcare professionals and leaders cultivate a growth mindset, enabling them to navigate the complexities of their careers and lives with resilience, purpose, and a renewed sense of possibility. Her mission is to unlock the true potential within each person she works with, guiding them to not only achieve their professional goals but to also lead more fulfilled, balanced lives.


executive leadership, wellness, transitions, women physicians, motherhood

about klaus

Klaus brings a wealth of experience as an academic physician assistant and certified professional energy leadership coach to the heart of healthcare transformation. His mission is grounded in helping individuals, groups, and teams foster a growth mindset, unlocking their inherent capabilities and guiding them towards realizing their full potential. Klaus’s expertise extends to aiding clinicians in overcoming burnout, offering strategic support, and practical tools to not only recover but thrive in the challenging healthcare landscape.

His approach is characterized by compassion, understanding, and a deep commitment to nurturing well-being and excellence within the healthcare community. Through his coaching, Klaus empowers healthcare professionals to navigate the complexities of their roles with renewed energy, purpose, and resilience. Whether you’re seeking to rediscover your passion for healthcare, aiming for professional development, or looking for ways to balance the demands of your career and personal life, Klaus is dedicated to guiding you every step of the way towards achieving your goals and reclaiming joy in your work.


wellness, transitions, burnout, nurses, advanced practice providers, interprofessional teams

Klaus Grim, PA-C CPC ELI-MP

Meet Klaus, Physician Assistant, Energy
Leadership Coach

Founder & Blogger | Educator | LGBTQ | Multicultural | DIY-er

Grizelda Anguiano, MD CPC ELI-MP

Meet Grizelda, Physician, Energy Leadership Coach

Founder | Anchored Tx | Sports Mama | Voracious Learner | Ambivert

about grizelda

Grizelda brings a wealth of experience and a heartfelt approach to her coaching, drawing from over 15 years as a dedicated pediatrician. Specializing in teaching, mentoring, and guiding teens and families, she deeply understands the dynamics of nurturing healthy relationships within family units. As a certified professional energy leadership coach, Grizelda extends her expertise to help individuals and groups re-discover and cultivate healthy relationships with themselves and others. Her coaching style is rooted in compassion and empowerment, aiming to unlock the potential within each individual to foster a life of balance, understanding, and meaningful connection. Whether you’re navigating the complexities of adolescence or seeking to strengthen family ties, Grizelda’s guidance offers a pathway to resilience, clarity, and harmonious living.


neurodiversity, wellness, relationships, teen / to young adult, women physicians

about gillian

Meet Gillian, a former Occupational Therapist, Clinical & Human Resources Leader who brings over 25 years of invaluable experience to her role as a transformational coach. With her deep expertise in people management and conflict resolution, Gillian specializes in coaching leaders and teams through challenging dynamics to to make better decisions and achieve better results.

As a Certified Energy Leadership Coach and a Positive Intelligence Certified Coach, she possesses a unique blend of skills tailored to helping individuals, groups, and teams not only recover from trauma but also to unearth and realize their true potential. Gillian’s approach is grounded in the belief that every person or leader holds the power to achieve sustainable change and influence those around them. Her coaching approach is dedicated to bringing awareness, identifying options, addressing and resolving barriers, and promoting ease and flow as leaders of both ourself and others. With Gillian, you embark on a path on a path to awareness, clarity and optimal performance, while retaining inner calm and strength.


executive leadership, conflict, trauma, transitions, parenting, mental fitness

Gillian Faith, MS, ACC, SHRM-SCP, ELI-MP, CPQC

Meet Gillian, Energy Leadership Coach

Mother | Fitness Enthusiast | Expat | Lover of Dogs and the Outdoors


Meet Amy, Energy
Leadership Coach

Founder | Amy Bubser Coaching |
Adventurer | Outdoor Enthusiast | Yoga Practitioner

about amy

Amy blends her unique background as a mind-body practitioner and former ultrasound technologist with over 25 years of experience into her current role as a Life Transition and Career Empowerment Coach. Specializing in facilitating transformative journeys, Amy’s coaching empowers individuals to discover their passion and purpose, guiding them towards fulfilling careers that resonate with their deepest values. Her expertise as a career coach is complemented by her ability to deliver dynamic workshops that focus on Self-Care, Motivation, Energy Management, Fun, and Enjoyment.

Amy’s approach is deeply holistic, acknowledging the interconnectedness of the mind and body in achieving personal and professional growth. Through her coaching, Amy provides a supportive space for individuals, groups, and teams to explore their potential and embrace change. Her sessions are designed to ignite an inner transformation that not only leads to success but also ensures well-being and happiness. With Amy, you’ll embark on a journey to redefine your life and work, integrating balance and joy into every step of your path.


wellness, transitions, career, divorce, trauma, joy, reinvention

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5 Questions To Reflect On Your Journey​​

5 Questions To Reflect On Your Journey

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