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the #1 podcast for healthcare professionals AND healthcare executives who want to become a better version of themselves at work and life

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Our podcast dives deep into the hearts and minds of healthcare professionals and leaders, offering you a front-row seat to conversations that illuminate the path to personal and professional transformation. Each episode is a blend of expert interviews, practical strategies, and stories of resilience and success, designed to empower you to become a beacon of change in the healthcare landscape.

At Transforming Healthcare Coaching, we believe in the power of individual transformation to ignite a collective movement towards a healthier, more fulfilled, and balanced healthcare community. Join us, and together, let’s redefine what it means to be a healthcare professional in today’s world.

This podcast is for you if...


Finding Fulfillment

Searching for a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment in your healthcare career and life.


Navigating Transitions

Struggling with transitioning into new roles or leadership positions without feeling lost or overwhelmed.


Combatting Burnout

If looking to finding fulfillment from the relentless pace and emotional toll of healthcare work.

Love from our Listeners

Empowering and Insightful

This podcast is a lifeline for any healthcare professional feeling the weight of their responsibilities. The blend of expert insights and real-life stories provides not only relief but actionable stra

tegies to make meaningful changes both personally and professionally. A must-listen for anyone in the healthcare field looking to thrive, not just survive.


Inspiration for Healthcare Professionals

Every healthcare professional, whether a seasoned practitioner or a newcomer, should listen to this podcast. It’s empowering to hear that you’re not alone in the struggles you face and that transf

ormation is really possible. The stories of resilience are incredibly inspiring.


Inspiration for Healthcare Professionals

Every healthcare professional, whether a seasoned practitioner or a newcomer, should listen to this podcast. It’s empowering to hear that you’re not alone in the struggles you face and that transf

ormation is really possible. The stories of resilience are incredibly inspiring.


A Game-Changer for Healthcare Professionals

Transforming Healthcare Coaching’s podcast has been a game-changer for me. Each episode offers a unique perspective on the challenges we face in healthcare. It’s refreshing to hear solutions that

address both personal well-being and professional excellence. It feels like a mentorship through my speakers.


Invaluable Guidance for Emerging Leaders

As a nurse transitioning into a leadership role, I’ve found the episodes on navigating transitions invaluable. The practical tips and the emphasis on personal growth have given me the confidence to

embrace my new position with enthusiasm and competence.


Essential Listening for Healthcare Workers

I can’t recommend this podcast enough! It’s not just about coping with the challenges of healthcare but truly transforming how we approach our careers and lives. The focus on combating burnout and

promoting wellness is exactly what our community needs.


Transformative Insights for the Healthcare Community

The podcast from Transforming Healthcare Coaching brilliantly tackles the real issues healthcare workers face with depth and empathy. It’s a beacon of hope and a practical guide that has helped me r

edefine my purpose in healthcare. Highly recommend it for its transformative insights.


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Meet The Hosts

We envision a world where healthcare isn't just about treating symptoms but about thriving individuals leading the charge.

Let's not just dream of a better healthcare system; let's create it

Our hosts, a diverse team of energy leadership coaches, share a common foundation: each has been intricately involved in the healthcare industry, either currently working or having worked in various capacities. This shared experience in healthcare provides a deep understanding of the challenges and triumphs you face daily, making our guidance not just theoretical but grounded in real-life experiences.

At the core, we believe in the transformative power of coaching to elevate healthcare professionals’ lives.

United by their journeys through the prestigious Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) and their commitment to the principles of energy leadership, they bring a rich tapestry of expertise and empathy to every episode. From navigating career transitions, enhancing well-being, to leading teams with confidence, our hosts are dedicated to helping you harness your energy, fulfill your potential, and create a ripple effect of positive change throughout the healthcare community.

Our Most Popular Episodes

Together, we’ve helped hundreds of healthcare professionals find clarity

Our coaches have walked the same halls, faced the same challenges, and overcome the same obstacles that you encounter daily. We understand the unique pressures of the healthcare industry because we’ve lived them. This firsthand experience, combined with our extensive coaching expertise, positions us uniquely to guide you towards achieving your full potential.

From the bedside to the boardroom, our diverse backgrounds in critical care, emergency medicine, nursing, healthcare leadership, and wellness coaching provide a rich tapestry of insights and strategies tailored to the healthcare professional’s journey. every step of the way.

Our approach is personal, evidence-based, and deeply empathetic.

We don’t just offer solutions; we partner with you to create them. Through one-on-one coaching, group sessions, and tailored programs, we help you uncover and tackle the root causes of your challenges, setting you on a path to lasting change and fulfillment.

5 Questions To Reflect On Your Journey​

A week-long journey of introspection and leadership enhancement with daily reflective prompts tailored for healthcare leaders. This guide is crafted to help you explore your leadership style, understand your impact on your team, and identify areas for growth and improvement.